Booking Conditions

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Booking Conditions




Travel Agency:


Záhradná 333/16

058 01 Gánovce


ID Nr.: 48 130 508

Tax ID: 2120060327

VAT: ————

1. Introduction

These General Terms and Conditions govern the rights and obligations of the parties resulting from a contract concluded between the seller (who represents in the sale of a tour operator organizing a tour), which is MOUNTANIA TRAVEL s.r.o., with the address of Záhradná 333/16

058 01 Gánovce, IČO: 48 130 508, VAT No .: 2120060327

(hereinafter referred to as the Travel Agency “TA”) and buyer, which is the purchase and sale of services on the TA website.

Contact information:


phone: +421 915580950

Postal address: Záhradná 333/16058 01 Gánovce, Slovakia-SK

account number for non-cash payments: Czechoslovak Commercial Bank:

IBAN: SK31 7500 0000 0040 2158 3792


The TA is an authorized seller and reseller of tours of other tour operators and Travel Agencies with whom it has a regular contract for the sale of tours. All TAs informed the TA that they are properly insured against the bankruptcy of TA.

The General Business Terms and Conditions are an inseparable part of the travel insurance contract, which has an inseparable part, namely the General Business Terms and Conditions of the Tour Operator, that is organizing the tour.

2. Order

After sending the order to the customer and confirmation from the seller MOUNTANIA TRAVEL s.r.o.

the order becomes binding, which must be subsequently payed. 

With the modern technologies it becomes binding even it customer orders the Tour via messenger, whatsapp, and other social networks. The TA does not have information on whether the tour is free or not at the moment of ordering the trip. The TA reserves the right, after an order, to correct any inaccuracies that may arise in the manual prepaid of the trip to the database The TA reserves the right to refuse orders that are inconsistent or incomplete or do not contain the correct phone number even without the customer’s response.

3.  Reservation process, placing an order 

Upon receipt of the order, the TA carries out a tour reservation.

If this is not possible – the TA immediately contacts the customer and arranges for the next step. Please note that TA calls may be monitored as part of improving our services.

Upon successful booking, the customer is sent a travel contract with the necessary instructions for payment of the tour, according to the previous agreement, by e-mail, by post, at the cost of the travel agency. The TA informs the customer of how long it is necessary to return the signed contract back to the TA. Cancellation terms – see point VII. The terms for payment of a deposit or surcharge are binding for the customer and the TA is not responsible for the consequences of the delayed payment (the TA may cancel a reservation or a tour). The travel contract becomes binding at the time of payment of the deposit.

4. Payment

For regular tours ordered more than 1 calendar month before the trip, the customer usually pays 50% of his full price, then the remaining payment is completed one full month before the tour.

“Last moment” tours and tours ordered less than 1 calendar month before the trip are paid by the customer at once in full amount to the TA account or by agreement directly on the account of the TA via banktransfer or paypal.-

The customer acknowledges that when purchasing a trip, it is possible – in exceptional cases – for a travel agency, not to confirm the reservation. In such a case, the travel contract is not deemed to be closed and the client is entitled to a fine-free return of all payments already paid. However, he is not entitled to damages.

The order becomes binding at the time of payment of the deposit.

Fee for payment in the Slovak Republic is paid as follows:

• The customer pays a fee for payment of a deposit or surcharge from the customer to the TA account

• Fees for the payment of a deposit or surcharge from the TA account to the TA account are paid by the TA

• charges for possible overpayments are payed by the party that caused the additional payment (customer or TA)

• Refunds to the customer are payed by the TA regardless of the cause

These terms do not apply if the customer pays directly to the TA. In that case, the TA conditions apply. The fees for payments made from abroad and abroad are always paid by the customer.

5. Travel documents

Required documents – vouchers, flight tickets, etc. the customer receives from the TA or the relevant TA. It depends on the date and the country that the customer wants to visit. Documents are delivered approx. week before departure (arrival on the tour) and for example flight tickets can be also handed over to the customer directly at the airport.

6. Trips on request

For some tours, it is necessary to request a trip first with the TA partner (hotel abroad, etc.). In this case, the TA is entitled to claim under the conditions of the TA a down payment of up to 100% before reservation, which is immediately binding upon successful reservation and is immediately applicable to the TA. In case of unsuccessful reservation, a full refund is always refunded if the customer does not choose a different trip.

7. Cancellation conditions

The customer is entitled to cancel the booked trip as follows:

 More than 6 weeks before the scheduled tour arrival date: 30% cancellation fee (where 20% are „Forever Yours Deposit“)

 Less than 4 weeks before the scheduled tour arrival date: 50% cancellation fee

 Less than 2 weeks before the scheduled tour arrival date: 100% cancellation fee

8. Complaints

The complaint about your trip must be sent in writing or, in addition, you must attach a complaint protocol from the place of residence best confirmed by the TA delegate, photographs, etc. Everything should be sent to

After receiving, the complaint is sent to the organiser of the trip – TA, which is required to express its opinion on the statutory deadline.

• The travel agency with which the customer has a travel contract is responsible for the breach of the obligations. The travel agency is responsible, regardless of whether the obligations should be met by the travel agency or other tourism service providers provided on the tour. The Travel Agency has no responsibility and is not liable for the level, price, or any damage incurred in services not arranged in the travel contract, organised by other entities ordered by the customer at the place of the delegate, hotel or other organisation. No free trip or free gift can be considered as the subject of a complaint.

• Customer is obliged to file a complaint in time and without undue delay so that the remedy can be arranged, if possible on the spot itself (in the destination during the trip). Claiming on-site complaints alone will allow the removal of the defect immediately, but if it is done with delay its making it difficult to prove the objectivity and objectivity of the assessment, and thus the ability to properly handle complaints. Claims for services may be claimed at the place where the delegate arranges the service, either in writing or orally. The oral complaint will be a written complaint report stating the name of the Customer, the Tour Specification, the name of the accommodation and the description of the complaint. The Complaint Protocol will be signed by the Customer and the Delegate of the Organising Committee. In the event that a complaint is not provided on site for any reason, it must be applied after return.

• Customer undertakes to provide MOUNTANIA TRAVEL s.r.o. cooperation in investigating complaints and demonstrating the claimed facts.

9. Alternative Consumer Dispute Resolution

According to Act No. 391/2015 Coll. on an alternative solution of consumer disputes and on the amendment of some laws, it is possible for the customer to turn to the Slovak Trade Inspection and to submit a proposal for an alternative dispute resolution, pursuant to §12 of the Act. The relevant entity for alternative dispute resolution is the Slovak Trade Inspection or other competent legal person registered in the list of alternative dispute resolution entities maintained by the Ministry of Economic Affairs of the Slovak Republic. The list is available at The customer is entitled to choose an alternative consumer dispute resolution entity to address. The customer is also entitled to use the online dispute resolution platform to resolve his dispute, available at When submitting the RSO submission, the electronic complaints form will be filled in. The information that it submits must be sufficient to identify the subject of the alternative dispute online. The client can attach documents to support his complaints.

10. Customer Rejection

The TA reserves the right to refuse the customer in particular in the following cases:

• the customer sends incomplete or intentionally incorrectly filled orders (reservations) or,

• sends orders (reservations) knowing that they are not actually booking the trip,

• the customer will, for more than two occasions, unreasonably not pay the deposit or the full amount after confirmation of the booking,

• the customer will not send a signed travel contract in more than two cases.

11. Personal Data

Some of the data (in particular, name, surname, address) provided to you by using this site and services at are personal data pursuant to Act no. 428/2002 on the protection of personal data. We are aware of the confidentiality of your personal data and declare that we will deal with it in accordance with the Privacy Policy.

• The Buyer (Customer) declares that they agree in accordance with § 7 par. 1 of Act no. 428/2002 Z.z. on Personal Data Protection, as amended, to process and store personal data, especially those necessary for the activities of the TA, and to process it in all its information systems. The Buyer grants the TA this approval for an indefinite period of time. You may withdraw your consent at any time in writing or by e-mail at and we will discard your details without undue delay.

• We declare that we consider all your data to be highly confidential and will only be used for our own use in accordance with Act no. 428/2002 on the protection of personal data to improve and manage its services, for the business and marketing purposes of the company. If another person will have access to your personal data, this will only be the case in cooperation with the activities of MOUNTANIA TRAVEL s.r.o. for the purpose of improving its services and for commercial and marketing purposes, and such other entity may not sell the data to another person.

The provision of personal data is voluntary.

• Some data will also be processed under a special law and their provision is mandatory for the conclusion of certain services (eg insurance).

• Further processing takes place only on the basis of a special law.

• Your personal information is stored on the server.

• By law, you have the right at any time to ask us in writing to provide information about what personal data we process about you.

• By sending his / her order to the TA, the buyer agrees to the  TA to be sent activity reports, offers and actions without prior request from the buyer to send such messages.

12. Final provisions

• Images, video, maps are illustrative, non-binding.

• Accommodation capacities (“stars”) are of a contextual nature and do not have to coincide with the official categorization of accommodation capacity.

• The seller reserves the right to change these general terms and conditions. The obligation to notify in writing changes to these general terms and conditions is met by placing the seller on the seller’s e-shop website.

• These General Business Terms become effective for the buyer by ordering a tour.

The Buyer, by sending the order, confirms that he has read and agrees to these General Terms and Conditions.

Mgr. Maria Gyoriova


+421 915580950