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Traveling in our homecountry Slovakia is so much fun! 🇸🇰
We get to know our own “playground” and discover, how much there is to see, just in one day.
For example the craters of Ružbachy have nothing to do with volcanoes or volcanic eruptions. They are results of the collapsed travertine monticules, which precipitated around the mineral springs rich in calcium.
The water is traveling from the White Tatras (ca. 30km) and spring in the crater as crystal clear healing mineral water.
No matter in what bad mood you are, once you swim in this pool, you will come out all smiling 🧜‍♀️🧜‍♂️

There are four big and several small travertine craters in the spa of Vyšné Ružbachy. Kráter is the most popular among them. Its diameter is 20 metres and it is two to three metres deep. It is the biggest travertine lake in Slovakia.

Other travertine craters are dry. One of them is Kaplnkový kráter named so because of the chapel standing on its edge.

Carbon dioxide escapes from the crater Smerdžonka – the reason why it is also called the Death Hole.