SLOVAKIA – Summer Trekking

    7 days

    The High Tatras Mountain – Nationalpark Slovakia’s symbol – offer shelter and asylum to all those who seek calm and refuge for their souls… Their inimitable ambience and majesty absorb man in his entirety. High Tatras is the highest part…

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    SLOVAKIA – 4 days Grand Tour

    4 days

    When we say High Tatras, we mean majestic peaks touching to the sky, dark turquoise mountain lakes of glacier origin, waterfalls, unique plants, rare animals like chamois (mountain goat) or marmot, exceptionally clean air and environment great for healing respiratory conditions.…

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      SLOVAKIA – 5 days Grand Tour

      This trip is ideal to get to know Slovakia in short time really well, we taste a bit of everything, experience every day something new and exiting. It will be an unforgetable slovakian memory for you !

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