Slovakia is a land of breathtaking panoramas, small, rustic villages rooted in folk tradition, churches and castles, UNESCO World Heritage sites and other incredible historical sightseeings. The safe backroads with good surfaces, wild and unique nature of the mountains, valleys and forests all make Slovakia perfect for cycling.


Our professional guides will make these tours unforgetable for you …. 🙂

Departures of these tours are every day.


We pick you up at your hotel, drive you to the starting point of the tour with your guide, we hike 2-3 hours. After that we enjoy the lunch and the nice mountain views. We borrow you the bicycle and helmet and you can enjoy the ride down. On warm summer days, it is possible to bathe in a crystal clear lake or river 🙂

What a nice way to spend your day!

We have different tours for every day, with different activities ! Every one will leave happy.

We do offer private tours on special request.

It is possible to rent a bicycle and other gear.

Price 49,- per Person / we offer group discounts


The wilderness of this National Park is outstanding with its rich fauna and flora

The ladders make it possible to walk through these lime stone gorges with lots of waterfalls

On some places we need to use steeper ladders to climb beside waterfalls, but lots of children can do it, so you can do it too ! 😉

And these are the views that are definetely worth it…and little bit of adrenalin as always healthy

Ones we get up there to the top of the gorges….

 …we make a picnic in the nature and relax by the sound of the singing birds

After a good lunch we start to descent on the bicycle we rent for you with a helmet and enjoy the great ride !

Cycling in one of the many National Parks in Slovakia is just GOOD FUN,

and its all without mobile phone connection 😉

Crystal clear water in the streams, where we can refresh ourselves after the tour 🙂


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