“Get lost in Nature and you will find yourself”




In Central Europe lies the Carphatian Mountain Range. The highest part of it is the Mountain High Tatras Nationalpark – that has the attributes of the “smallest high mountain with alpine character” and the tours are comparable with those in the Alps.

The summits ranging up to 2665 m (8743 feet). It offers an enormous number of beautiful long descents, wide valleys for easy and steep couloirs for intermediate to difficult descents.

Take time to get to know this magnificent area and come with us on a winter crossing from hut to hut. We will ski all day long and in the evening taste the delicious local food and drinks, on some days might have the opportunity to use a sauna, or hot bath.


Best Time: February/March/April – next tour February, March, April 2018

Level of difficulty: We are leading trips for beginners, intermediate and advanced skiers.  Everyone will leave the mountain happy 🙂

Max. ascent/descent: 1700 m per day

Duration:  5-6 Days of Alpine ski touring (without your travel to Slovakia) 

Walking/Alpine Skiing per day: 4 – 8 hours

Accommodation: in mountain huts.

Meals will be provided: Breakfast, lunch packets, dinner (drinks at own expense in the huts – snaps, beer, wine very good 😉

No sleeping bag required, blankets in each hut available.


Check out some photos from this tour:




DAY 1:     Keflavik Airport (or any other airport in Europe or world) to Budapest Airport (or other with private pick up)– direct flight

Flight Keflavik to Budapest at 20:10 → 01:35 (flight duration is ca. 5 hours, there is 1 hour time difference)

Pick up at the Airport and transfer with private Taxi to our first Mountain hut (ca. 5hours)

Please have something to eat in the airoplane since the arrival in Budapest is so late in the night, so we can safe time on the way.


DAY 2:     Brief avalanche rescue training and ski tour

Late brunch (so you can sleep in ;-).

Checking of actual conditions, brief avalanche rescue training.

Introduction into basic use of your avalanche beacon, probe and shovel. Ski tour in the valley with possibility of couloir or peak.

We stay in this mountain lodge also the second night.

In the evening we can use the sauna.


DAY 3:     Valley to valley over saddleback to mountainhotel

We start heading through a nice valley above the tree line and over 2 saddlebacks until we reach our next mountain lodge  (mountain hotel with little luxury of wellness and spa 🙂 If time and conditions allow us, we can do one more run from the southern side of the valley and in the evening have a massage, glas of champagne in Jacuzzi and sauna.


DAY 4:     From mountainhotel to next mountainhut

Considering the conditions we can choose the southern or the northern route to go to our next mountain lodge Cold Valley, once we arrive in the hut we can have a hot tea and use the day light for few more great ski runs around the mountain lodge.


DAY 5:     From mountainhut to mountainhut

It’s a popular saddleback to tour in summer as it is a great ski run in winter that connects the Big Cold Valley with the Small cold Valley where we will head towards the mountain lodge. The names of these valleys are derived from the early winter sun set but on the way we will hopefully meet the sunshine. There are more possibilities for evening ski runs before or after arriving in the hut.


DAY 6:     From mountainhut to the Green Lake

Passing the Five mountain lakes we will skin into our last saddleback from where we can admire the White Tatras, part of Poland and our last mountain lodge at the Green Lake. This area is also popular for frozen waterfall ice climbing. Let`s ski down and have a little party and dance in skiboots !


DAY 7:     Way down back to civilisation

We will ski down into the last eastern valley (ca. 1 hour). Transfer to the Budapest airport, flight home from “mainland” back to the “iceberg” ;-), arrival in Keflavik in the evening hours.



Equipment list


    • your smile 😉
    • ski mountaineering or free ride equipment:
    • skis with ski-mountaineering bindings
    • ski boots
    • ski poles
    • ski skins in good working conditions
    • ski touring crampons are recommended
    • avalanche beacon, shovel and probe
    • crampons for climbing or ski-mountaineering
    • ice-axe for ski-mountaineering or walking ax
    • harness for climbing or ski-mountaineering
    • ski or climbing helmet
    • backpack (30 -35 l, with ability to bind skis)
    • proper clothing
    • drinking bottle camelback
    • headlamp, extra batteries
      • Equipment can be also rented and i am happy to arrange it for you

Highly recommended: personal insurance






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