Crossing the High Tatras mountain from south to north over the polish border


This tour is for those, who do not have much time or came to the mountain or Slovakia just for a weekend trip. In a short time of two days, you still get to see one of the most fascinating views and climb the highest peak (2503 m above sea level) of Poland as well! 

The itinerary of this tour can be arranged also according to the wish of the group.

Day 1: Pick up at  your place of stay. In the morning we start the hike from one of the famous mountain lakes through the forest, over few water streams, where you can have a refreshing foot bath. Our lunch will be at a gorgeous lake surrounded by the pine tree forest, in a lodge, if sunny, on a terrace. They have delicious home-made cakes here ♥ After lunch we will continue through a valley and turn into a steeper section supported with chains. We will enter the “Free Mountain Kingdom” as the ranger of this mountain lodge likes to call it 🙂 We will spend the night in 2250m, in a cosy lodge. Dinner included.

Elevation: 900 m ascent

Duration: 5-6hours

Day 2: After breakfast we will start to hike up to the top of the highest mountain of Poland and here we will also cross the Slovakian – Polish border. Wonderful view over the mountain, the slovakian and polish side. With the view over the two largest mountain lakes, we will take a steep descent to them, path is supported with chains. When we reach the lakes, we make a picnic and can have a foot bath. We leave the steep section behind and walk the rest of our tour through a beautiful valley full of pine trees and other vegetation. Most likely we will see the chamois on the way. Isn’t this a wonderful way to spend your weekend?

Elevation: 250m ascent, 1400 m descent

Duration: 5-7 hours

It is recommended to have some fitness for this tour. This tour is not suitable for people, who have vertigo.

To sign up for this trip, please contact us on or call +421 915580950


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